A few intrepid photography pioneers like Niepce, Daguerre and Fox-Talbot finally got the chemistry right in about 1839 and suddenly the photographic image was reliably fixed for ever.

Since then there have been as many changes with cameras, kit and process as there have been with the mechanical horse. However what remains unchanged and constant is still the eye of the photographer, the relationship with the subject and the quality of the image created. You can take a fantastic photo on a disposable camera and a lousy photograph with a Hasselblad. Some of the most celebrated photographers had pretty rubbish cameras but boy did they know how to use them. It is and always will be the photographer and the moment that makes a picture special, unique, memorable and oh so precious.

Combined, TFS has over 95 years worth of experience behind the lens. Top Floor Studios are award winning photographers. As far as being able to spot a shot and encourage the very best from a moment in time there aren't many better or friendlier in the business. We adore making photographs, we love and understand making an image.

Each and every shoot we do is different. Each client, each different person brings something personal and unique to the job. We like to take a little bit of time and we like you to be comfortable and happy, we won't rush or pressure you. We are not the fast food equivalent, we are more, simple, quality ingredients, well chosen, well combined, beautifully presented and enjoyed in good company with glass of something delightful.

I was so nervous about having my portrait taken but actually I really enjoyed it, I didn't want the shoot to end, really want to do it all again. The photos they took look really good, I was amazed. Bekky


The onerous job of corporate head shot was quick and painless. TFS made me feel at ease, were professional and clearly knew what they were doing. I was delighted with the results. Job done. Richard

Jo and Henry took some shots of my daughter for her acting profile. I am so pleased with them, she looks amazing and she was so proud to publish them. We both had such a fun time. TFS made all the difference. JCB

Our whole family doesn't get together very often, we had a family photo shoot walking on the beach, we had such a laugh together, TFS made it so much fun, they are so relaxed that we relaxed and the photos really show us all as a family together, so pleased, we can't stop looking at them. Sarah