Passport, Visas and IDs


Passport, Visas and IDs

In this day and age it is more important than ever to ensure that your passport photo is accepted by the Home Office. With modern technology there are now several different ways to get your photo and send it off. In our experience the most fool proof and reliable way is still the old fashioned way. You come in and we do all the work for you, thus making sure it's going to be accepted first time or your money back or a free second attempt.

There is no need for an appointment, just call in to the studio and usually your picture will be ready within minutes. You can then choose as to whether you would like two, four or six printed copies or for us to email you a digital copy of your picture for online applications.

Visa photographs are photographed in a similar way. We then carefully edit them to the required size and background colour. If you have any information from travel agents or embassies, please bring this with you to help us interpret what's required as acceptance criteria changes all the time.

We're afraid the acceptance criteria changes all the time and to help to be sure of not getting rejected it's best to let us do the work for you.