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TFS Photo, Woodbridge
TFS Photo Woodbridge Since 1969 - Home to Top Floor Studio

9am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday
We are closed Mondays and Bank Holidays

TFS Photo Studio

TFS is your little local photo place in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Friendly, convenient and helpful.

Privacy Policy

TFS Photo Woodbridge will only obtain any personal data directly from you and upon request. TFS will only use your personal data in relation to a specific task that you have asked us to undertake. We will never knowingly pass on your details to any other party and we will never use them for any other purpose or in another circumstance than that stated above.

By law your email address supplied to us by you for Passport renewal may be uploaded to an HMPO affiliated system with your permission to enable processing. Any personalised image we process will be immediately deleted upon completion of the specific task agreed upon by you. Any personalised image (For example a contracted portrait) will not be stored together with identifying or relevant personal contact information.

We will only store personal imagery with permission from you on offline separate storage devices. You may ask us to remove any of your personal data we possess at any time immediately, simply by asking us.